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References for ESG Jumpstart

The provided list of materials is not exhaustive and is intended for general reference purposes only; additional materials may exist that are not included herein

Capacity Building

Foundational Programmes (General)

Becoming a Climate-resilient SME

This e-learning programme introduces you to the basics of climate change, its causes and effects and explores why businesses need to address them.

ESG Foundation Workshop for SMEs

  • Learn key sustainability concepts
  • Understand the ESG business case
  • Get an ESG readiness assessment

Foundational Programmes (Theme-specific)

Learn the fundamentals of sustainability and how you can align your business practices to the fast-evolving ESG landscape

Energy Manager Training Course, Certified Energy Auditor Training, Professional Energy Manager Workshop and others

Professionnal certification programme, technical and semi-technical programmes, awareness and short courses

Seminars and Conferences

Past events

Capital Markets Malaysia ESG Week 2024

By Capital Markets Malaysia

13-17 May 2024


Multi-sectoral Green Certifications

ISO 14001: Environmental Management System (EMS)

ISO 14001 is an international standard that specifies requirements for Environmental Management Systems (EMS). It is the most widely used standard for EMS in the world. The standard requires businesses to identify and manage the environmental aspects and impacts resulting from their operations, products and services.


The standard assists organizations to manage ecological risks effectively and improve their environmental performance. ISO 14001 applies to all organization types, large or small, in both the private as well as public sectors.

Multi-sectoral Green Certifications

Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

Malaysia Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO)

The Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) Certification Scheme is the national scheme in Malaysia for oil palm plantations, independent and organized smallholdings, and palm oil processing facilities to be certified against the requirements of the MSPO Standards.

Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

Buildings (Construction and Real Estate)

Green Building Index (GBI)

The GBI is a recognized certification system in Malaysia that assesses the sustainability performance of buildings. It promotes the design and construction of green, sustainable buildings that can provide energy savings, water savings, a healthier indoor environment, better connectivity to public transport and the adoption of recycling and greenery for projects and also reduction of impact on the environment.


Construction companies can strive to achieve GBI certification for their projects, demonstrating their commitment to sustainable construction.

Buildings (Construction and Real Estate)

Financing and protection

Explore what financial institutions have to offer to help you jumpstart your sustainability journey

More to come

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