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A report on the Sustainable Finance Landscape in Malaysia


April 2022

Sets out key insights from the extensive outreach 
programmes and a survey on sustainability
practices among financial institutions in Malaysia,
undertaken by the JC3 in 2021.


JC3 sustainable finance landscape.PNG

A joint research report by the World Bank and BNM on managing flood risks in Malaysia


March 2024

Analyses how businesses can be impacted by floods, and role of the financial sector in supporting businesses to manage flood risks


Flood report 2024.PNG

BNM and World Bank assess nature-related financial risks for Malaysian banks


March 2022

This exploratory study, jointly undertaken by Bank Negara Malaysia and the World Bank, uses local and global data to examine the relationship between the Malaysian financial sector and nature.

Nature report 2023.PNG


ASEAN Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance 


Version 1

Issued in November 2021

Serves as a guide for businesses and investors in pursuing green and transition activities. Also supports the flow of inclusive transition finance to the region. Adopts a multi-tiered approach comprising the Foundation Framework and the Plus Standard to cater to the diversity of ASEAN Members States. 

ASEAN Taxo v1 (updated).PNG

ASEAN Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance


Version 2

Updated in February 2024

Sets out the final set of Technical Screening Criteria (TSC) for electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply sector (energy sector). 

ASEAN Taxo v2 (updated February 2024).PNG

ASEAN Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance


Version 2

Issued in March 2022

Updated in June 2023

Expands the principles-based Foundation 
Framework by providing guiding questions, 
decision trees and use cases that address all environmental objectives (EOs) and essential 
criteria (EC). Provides the methodology to set the Technical Screening Criteria (TSC) tiers in the Plus Standard and 
contains the TSC for all four EOs for the Energy
Sector, and Carbon Capture, Utilisation
and Storage (CCUS) enabling sector. 

ASEAN Taxo v2 (updated).PNG

ASEAN Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance


Version 3

Issued in March 2024

Includes the Technical Screening Criteria (TSC) for two additional focus sectors, namely 
Transportation & Storage as well as Construction & Real Estate. 


ASEAN Taxo v3 (updated).PNG


Harnessing Nature-based Solutions in Malaysia for Climate Action

20 Mar 2024

An article on the untapped potential of nature-based solutions (NbS) in addressing climate change and environmental-related issues in Malaysia. The article is published in conjunction with the release of the BNM Annual Report 2023

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