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Jumpstart your ESG journey today

The adoption of sustainable, green and low-carbon practices will help SMEs future proof business plans, retain market access and gain a competitive advantage as Malaysia and the world transition to a net zero and sustainable future.

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Why ESG?


Achieve cost savings, better risk management and ensure continued funding & financing access


Increase operational efficiencies and agility to respond to new ESG-related regulations

Long-Term Growth

Retain and gain high-quality talent and align with changing customer preferences
What is ESG?

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is a framework that helps stakeholders understand how an organisation is managing risks and opportunities related to sustainability.

 The ESG Jumpstart Guide

The JC3 SME Focus Group (“SFG”), in collaboration with knowledge partners has developed an ESG JumpStart Guide (“the Guide”), a simple and practical reference guide for SMEs. It contains suggested actions that SMEs could take to:

Build up basic ESG knowledge & capability

Identify and respond to key ESG issues, risks & opportunities

Explore the guide to understand more about the steps you can take to jumpstart your sustainability journey

Explore the portal to learn more about the available resources to help you in your journey towards sustainability

Capacity Building

Learn about ESG and climate change and what this means for your business

Foundational programmes (general)

Becoming a climate-resilient SME

ESG Foundation Workshop for SMEs

Foundational programmes (theme-specific)

Build a Sustainability Action Plan

ASEAN Energy Management

Green Academy Program

Conferences and seminars

Financial solutions and incentives

Explore a range of financial options and incentives designed to facilitate and encourage sustainable initiatives

Financing Schemes

A RM1 billion Facility established to support SMEs in adopting sustainable and low carbon practices.

Low Carbon Transition Facility (LCTF)

Incentive Schemes

Income tax allowance for the purchase of green technology assets

Green Income Tax Allowance (GITA)

Resources and Tools

Explore key resources, tools and frameworks to guide your sustainability journey

Frameworks, standards and guidelines

Simplified ESG Disclosure Guide (SEDG)

for SMEs in Supply Chains

The aim of the SEDG is to provide practical, structured guidance on disclosures expected of small-to-medium enterprise (SMEs) within the supply chains, in relation to environment, social and governance (ESG) matters.


Resources and Tools

Low Carbon Operating System (LCOS)

Carbon Management Platform

A cloud-based carbon management platform developed by MGTC to help organisations easily measure, manage and mitigate their greenhouse gas emissions

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The provided list of materials is not exhaustive and is intended for general reference purposes only; additional materials may exist that are not included herein

SME Feature Stories

Discover inspiring narratives of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that have achieved notable success in adopting and promoting sustainable practices, showcasing their positive impact on both the environment and their business growth

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