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Image by Vlad Kutepov

Water stress area

Data source provider

National Water Research Institute of Malaysia (NAHRIM)

Use cases

Exposure quantification, Financial stability monitoring, Investment and lending decisions, Scenario analysis, Stress testing

Data group

Water indicators

Metric Type

Physical vulnerability

Methodology/ Standard / Classification/ Taxonomy / Reference

National Water Services Commission (SPAN)

Unit (e.g. CO2)

Water stress area.
No. of areas, size of
area, category of
severity (1-5)

Dimension (e.g. Sector, Customer)

By State

Time horizon 




Time series




Observation on data availability/gaps

Data is available with permission. The data is in the format of geospatial data with Water Stress Index (WSI) on different districts on every state monthly. The available data which does not require registration is the data of WSI of Selangor districts in 2015 monthly.

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