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Water: Standardized Precipitation - Evapotranspiration Index

Data source provider

World Bank

Use cases

Exposure quantification, Investment and lending decisions, Scenario analysis, Stress testing

Data group

Water indicators

Metric Type


Methodology/ Standard / Classification/ Taxonomy / Reference

World Bank Sovereign ESG Profile

Unit (e.g. CO2)


Dimension (e.g. Sector, Customer)

By Country

Time horizon 



Latest Update

Time series




Observation on data availability/gaps

The World Bank curates and maintains a wide range of ESG data for policy makers, financial market participants and academic researchers. The World Bank's Sovereign ESG Data Framework presents a 3-pillar framework consisting of metrics and corresponding data over time and regions. The Environment pillar measures the sustainability of a country's economic performance given its natural resource endowment, management, its risk or resilience to climate change and other natural hazards. It pays particular attention to the internalization of environmental externalities created by economic activity. It also accounts for sustainable energy access and food security, crucial factors for stable long-term economic growth.

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