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Natural Hazard Data/Statistics (Occurrence/Map)

Data source provider


Use cases

Exposure quantification

Data group

Exposure to physical risks

Metric Type

Physical vulnerability

Methodology/ Standard / Classification/ Taxonomy / Reference

World Bank's CCKP

Unit (e.g. CO2)

1. Longitude & Latitude
2. Number of occurrence

Dimension (e.g. Sector, Customer)

By Location

Time horizon 



Not available

Time series

Not available


Not available

Observation on data availability/gaps

DOSM provides data on Extreme Events and Disasters. Go to DOSM eStatistik > click on 'Free Download' on the left pane on the page > search 'Compendium of Environment Statistics' > Table of Component 4 .

Number of disaster incidents reported by states:
1. Flood
2. Earthquake
3. Landslide
4. Coastal erosion areas

Natural hazard location by longitude & latitude is currently not available.

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