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Image by Vlad Kutepov

Map of Biodiversity Risk Hotspots (e.g. high conservation value forests, high biodiversity value ecosystems etc.)

Data source provider

Natural Capital Finance Alliance

Use cases

Exposure quantification, Financial stability monitoring

Data group

Biodiversity and forestry indicators

Metric Type

Physical vulnerability

Methodology/ Standard / Classification/ Taxonomy / Reference

Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)

Unit (e.g. CO2)

Not applicable

Dimension (e.g. Sector, Customer)

By Geographical area

Time horizon 




Time series

Not available



Observation on data availability/gaps

ENCORE Tool: explores how economic activities impact ecosystem services and natural capital. Impact drivers from certain terrestrial ecosystem categories can be selected and the available data is heat map data of different types of land cover in 2021. Some categories also have external links that explain more heat map data (statistical data, line charts). The map is available as a snapshot.

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