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Government legislation, masterplan, blueprint, announcement, strategy and policy on sustainability and climate change

Data source provider

Employees Provident Fund (EPF)

Use cases

Climate-related disclosures, Investment and lending decisions, Scenario analysis, Stress testing

Data group

Policy, regulation and standard

Metric Type

Transition sensitivity

Methodology/ Standard / Classification/ Taxonomy / Reference


Unit (e.g. CO2)

Qualitative and Quantitative Targets

Dimension (e.g. Sector, Customer)

By Government-linked Investment Company (GLIC)

Time horizon 

Not applicable



Time series




Observation on data availability/gaps

The EPF publishes its Sustainable Investment Policy, explaining its overall approach to sustainable investing and integration of ESG factors into its investment process and stakeholder engagement. The EPF has also issued its Climate Change Issue Policy, which sets out climate targets for its portfolio.

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