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Forest Change (Forest Loss, Tree Cover Loss, Location of Tree Cover Loss, FAO Deforestation)

Data source provider

Sabah Forestry Department

Use cases

Exposure quantification, Financial stability monitoring

Data group

Biodiversity and forestry indicators

Metric Type

Physical vulnerability

Methodology/ Standard / Classification/ Taxonomy / Reference

1. Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia
2. Forest Department Sarawak
3. Sabah Forestry Department
4. National Forestry Act 1984
5. Malaysian Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management (MC&I SFM)

Unit (e.g. CO2)

Unit for land area

Dimension (e.g. Sector, Customer)

By Geographical area

Time horizon 




Time series




Observation on data availability/gaps

Sabah Forestry Department provides forest resource management information (e.g. forest cover) in their Annual report from year 2018.

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